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Welcome to Stockholm!


My name is Karin Hammarstig, and I’m a Qualified Touristguide.

I grew up in the Stockholm area, and after years of studies in Uppsala, a University town 1 hour north of Stockholm, I decided to move back.

I have an MA in Languages Education, and I’ve been teaching English and French in Swedish schools for about 30 years.

To improve my language skills, and knowledge of different cultures, I went to the UK, France and the USA to work, and study.

During my studies in Uppsala, I took some time off to work as a tour leader in Brussels, Paris, and on the Channel island Jersey.

During the summer holidays I’ve hosted passengers travelling on the Göta Kanal, a Swedish canal, dug and blasted, from the city of Göteborg, on the west coast, all the (water)way to Stockholm, on the east coast. It was constructed in the 19th century and it forms the backbone of a waterway, linking a number of lakes and rivers. There are 58 locks, and it takes 3 days to travel in a slow pace. I truly recommend it!

Once you get to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, there are numerous of things to see, and explore. Let me help you discover this beautiful city, called  Venice of the north, since it’s surrounded by water, and partly built on reclaimed land.

Would you prefer…

A walk in the Old Town?

Going by steam vessel to the Palace of Drottningholm, where the Swedish King and Queen reside?

Visiting the Maritime Vasa Museum, where you’ll learn about the 17th century warship. rescued after 333 years on the bottom of the Baltic Sea?

Anything’s possible.


Please view my tours below, and make  a request, would You be interested.


Welcome to Stockholm!

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