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Walking tour in the Stockholm Old Town

The Old town is the historical center of the city, where the history of Stockholm started about one thousand years ago. Stroll the narrow, medieval cobblestone streets, and absorb the atmosphere of Old town’s historical buildings. The area has much to offer, sights as the Cathedral, the Nobel museum and the Royal Palace as well as many boutiques and restaurants.

The Vasa Museum

On 10 August 1628, Vasa set sail on her maiden voyage and sank in Stockholm harbour.

The wreck was salvaged in 1961 after 333 years under the sea. The reconstructed vessel, 98 per cent original, is splendidly adorned with hundreds of carved sculptures.

Today, Vasa is one of the world’s foremost tourist attractions and offers a unique insight into early 17th-century Sweden.

The City Hall

The City Hall is Stockholm’s most famous silhouette. It was built of 8 million bricks of which 1 million were handmade. Enjoy visiting the Blue Hall where the Nobel banquette is held each year the 10th of December.

The Golden Hall is spectacular with its millions of small glass mosaics.

However the City Hall is not only a beautiful work of architecture, but also a political building where the City Conucil meets regularly.

The Palace Drottningholm

Embark a magnificent vintage steamer close to the City Hall and enjoy a pleasant boat trip on Lake Mälaren ending up in front of the Drottningholm Palace at Drottningholm.

The Palace has been the home, or secondary home for Royal families since the 17th century, and still is today. The Palace, the unique Palace thatre from the 18th century and the Chinese Pavillion, became one of Sweden’s first World Heritage Sites.

The Royal Haga

King Gustav III had  a dream, and that was to finish the construction of his beloved Haga. The Haga Park might be Sweden’s best example of an English Park. While strolling along the paths you constantly get surprised by new discoveries, such as the Turkish Kiosk, the Chinese Temple,, the Copper Tents , the Echoe Temple and Gustav III’s Pavillion, where he stayed the night before his murder, at the Royal Opera, in 1792. He never finished what was to be the most magnificent Haga Palace, although the foundation is still there.

However, another Haga Palace was built in the early 19th century, where the Crown Princess Viktoria and Prince Daniel reside with their two children. If we’re lucky, we might get a glimpse of them.

Sculpture tour on Riddarholmen and the Old Town

Skulpturvandring på Riddarholmen och Gamla Stan

This tour is presented in Swedish.

The French Legacy in Stockholm

From Gustav III via Karl XIV Johan till Today.

Day 1

The Royal Palace and Swedish Academy

The Royal Haga with French pique-nique lunch on the ”pelouse”

Guided tour in The Pavilion and the Echoe Temple.

Day 2

Boattrip to the Royal Palace Drottningholm

Guided tour in the Drottningholm Theatre.

A walk in the English- and French Parks, with a French ”fika”

Visit to the Royal Summer Palace Rosendahl, on the island of Djurgården.